How to Purchase or Rent an

Music students require an instrument at home to conduct their lessons and to practice in between lessons. Here are some options on how to acquire an instrument if you don’t already have one.


  • Online or at any local music store (Locomotion can provide you with options)
  • New and used instrument options
  • Rent to own programs


  • Visit a local music store to discuss rental options
  • Approx. prices for monthly rentals with no contracts
    • Guitars – $20 / month
    • Piano – $25 / month
    • Violin – $40 / month
  • Rent to own programs


  • Locomotion accepts instrument donations that can be loaned out to students that don’t have the means to purchase or rent their own instrument
  • Speak with Locomotion to check if your instrument is available
  • If you have any instruments you would like to donate, please let us know

Locomotion teachers offer guidance and support during your instrument purchase or rental process.

Teachers can advise you on budget, styles & other materials you may need. They will direct you to local stores or provide feedback on an instrument you already have in mind.
We’re here to make sure you choose the best instrument for your needs & lifestyle.

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