How long are your lessons?

Locomotion Music provides 1-hour lessons, once a week, for students 5 years old and up, with any level of experience. Lessons for 45 minutes are optional for younger students. Lessons may be divided between two family members or friends in the same home. Additional time and days may be added. 


Where do lessons take place?

Locomotion Music lessons take place in the privacy of your own home. Parents or guardians are able to view the child’s lesson, but we recommend that you do not sit beside your child for the lesson. Children under the age of 16 should have a parent/guardian present in the home for the duration of the lesson. 


Do I need an instrument?

We recommend that each student have their own instrument in order to practice in between lessons and grow an infinity to their music/practice. If you do not already own an instrument, Locomotion Music can discuss our Instrument Loaner program or recommend the short-term rental of an instrument. 


Are there any other materials that I need?

Depending on the instrument you are learning, you may need to purchase materials such as books to support your learning. On your first lesson, your teacher will explain which materials will be needed, the associated cost and where the materials can be purchased. 


What commitment do I have to make?

There are no contracts. Locomotion Music students commit to one month of lessons at a time. If a student wishes to discontinue lessons after the month, they may do so at no additional costs. Locomotion Music does not provide free/trial lessons. 


Are there any administrative, travel fees or taxes?

Locomotion Music does not charge registration, taxes or travel fees to come to your home. Fees may be incurred for late payments or cancelled lessons. See cancellations below. 


Do you provide music lessons/programs for community organizations?

Locomotion Music is proud to support the communities where we live and work. We partner with local schools, community centres, nursing homes and other community groups to offer music therapy and education classes. Speak to us about your program/group’s needs. 


Are group lessons available?

Locomotion Music provides lessons for groups both in home and in the community with schools, community centres, nursing homes and other organizations. Band prep is also available upon request. Speak to us about your needs. 


Do you work with special needs students?

Many of our teachers have professional and/or academic expertise working with groups and individuals with special needs. Speak to us directly to discuss your needs. 


How are music teachers selected?

All Locomotion Music teachers are carefully screened for competence, level of training, relevant experience and personality. All prospective teachers must complete an interview, audition, reference check and Vulnerable Sector Screening / Police Check through their police department. Teachers may not begin to teach for Locomotion Music without delivering the original completed document to us. Students are carefully placed with teachers that match their level, instrument, location, availability and personality. 


Do your teachers provide any specialized music training?

Our teachers have diverse teaching experience. They are able to prepare students for RCM exams, high school and university entry programs, band prep, etc. We have teachers specializing in music production in the home, music therapy and education both with individuals and groups. See our teachers page to read through each of their bios.


What if my music teacher leaves the company, can I continue on with them?

All current students of the music teacher are official students of Locomotion Music. If the music teacher leaves or is dismissed from Locomotion Music, the music teacher and/or student, cannot in good faith work together for a minimum of 12 month afterwards. All efforts will be made by the Locomotion Music team to place students with a new comparable teacher. 


How do I pay for lessons?

Each student will receive a monthly invoice to pay for their lessons one month in advance. All tuition fees are paid directly to Locomotion Music (and not the teacher) via e-transfer or credit card. Depending on the circumstance, alternative payment methods and frequency may be arranged with Locomotion Music. 


Gift Cards:

Locomotion Music gift cards are a popular way to give the gift of music for a birthday, Christmas or special occasion. Speak to us directly to purchase a gift card.


What is your cancellation policy?

To ensure our students and teachers have a consistent learning environment, students can cancel a maximum of four lessons during the school year term (September to June) and two lessons during the summer term (July & August). This is a total of six cancellations per year. Any absences beyond these, will be considered a paid lesson. The music teacher will attempt to make up the lesson at a mutually convenient time, at their discretion and availability, but make up lessons are not guaranteed.

In the event of an extended absence (3 consecutive weeks or more) spots cannot be held or guaranteed. Locomotion will do its best to maintain the same teacher and schedule upon the student’s return, but this cannot be guaranteed. In the case of any emergency, the Locomotion admin team will provide special consideration.


Teacher Cancellations:

If a music teacher has to cancel a lesson for any reason, the music teacher will attempt to make up the lesson at a mutually convenient time at their discretion and availability, but make up lessons are not guaranteed. The music teacher agrees to notify the student as soon as possible of any absence or lateness. If the lesson cannot be made up, the tuition will be credited back to the student on the following month’s invoice. Teacher cancellations will NOT count towards your bank of 6 cancelled lessons per year.


Statutory Holidays:

Locomotion follows the schedule for school breaks, Christmas, March Break, religious and statutory holidays. Lessons that fall on these dates will not be charged in the monthly student tuition unless the teacher and student have agreed to do a lesson.