The Locomotion Music story begins and ends with family

As a young teenager, Locomotion Music founder David Viva fell in love with music – especially with his guitar. He went on to pursue his passion by studying music at The Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles and then returned to Toronto to play in several local bands. Life revolved around touring, gigging, writing and recording, all while teaching guitar lessons and running a music school in Brampton. After 12 years, David decided to start his own business. Locomotion Music was born in 2008.

His wife and business partner, Sabrina comes from a background of working in hospitals and with nonprofit organizations managing volunteers, developing programs & partnerships, fundraising and event planning. After many years in the nonprofit world, Sabrina moved over to Corporate Social Responsibility. Working for a start up out of the U.S., for 7 years Sabrina had the opportunity to consult with Fortune 500 companies on their employee volunteer programs. As a Director of Account Management and Latin America Initiatives, she had the opportunity to work on projects with the United Nations and travel the world working with multinational companies. In 2018, Sabrina made the leap from the corporate world to a business owner when she joined David to grow their own family business. Today, Sabrina runs the day to day operations of the business; David continues to teach guitar and they both manage the overall business together.

We welcome you to the Locomotion Music family, where music is home, and home is family.

Owners, David & Sabrina Viva

Our Teachers

Our focus is always on inspiring creativity while developing skills and techniques that align with how you want to grow as a musician. We also believe strongly in letting you explore music and genres that interest you: expression is part of who we are as human beings. Our teachers are trained in a variety of styles and instruments so they can support your musical journey, wherever it may lead.

Jeyolyn Christi

Project Manager, Business Development 

Jeyolyn is an independent consultant with a background in government administration, project management and community development. As a project manager at Locomotion Music, she supports business development initiatives, program administration, community engagement activities, and marketing. Jeyolyn’s interest in supporting accessible community programming is sure to bring a positive impact to the Locomotion family.  Along with her strong work ethic, creative ideas and friendly personality, we are excited to have her as a wonderful addition to the Locomotion family.